Regular Skin Cancer Checkups Keep You Cancer Free!

As the summer sun rises high in the sky, Phoenix residents will find it even harder to escape the damaging effects of the sun’s powerful rays. But a checkup from your dermatologist could help put your mind at ease. Regular skin cancer checks could make all the difference in keeping your skin cancer free and healthy.

Early Detection is Key

One of the easiest ways to detect skin cancers early is with a self-exam. You should stand in front of the mirror and carefully look over your whole body for signs of new moles or lesions. Be sure to check the backs of your legs and arms. Also, check between fingers and toes. You’ll also want to examine your scalp for skin abnormalities. If you find anything concerning, contact your Phoenix dermatologist for a consultation. The earlier a cancer is detected, the easier and safer it is to treat it.

What Happens at a Skin Cancer Screening?

During a routine skin cancer screening, your dermatologist will perform a thorough check of your entire body for concerning skin issues. A complete skin cancer screening could take as little as 10 minutes. If your dermatologist finds any concerning areas, they may recommend a biopsy to take a deeper look of the skin to find out if it’s concerning. At a screening, your Phoenix dermatologist will also recommend tips and tricks to protect your skin from cancers and sun damage.

When Should I Have a Screening?

If you find anything concerning on your skin, no matter your age, you should see your dermatologist for a full skin cancer screening. If you have a family history of skin cancer, your dermatologist may recommend being screened at least once every year. If you personally have a history of any type of skin cancer, you should be screened twice each year.

Before you set out for your fun summer activities, examine your skin from head to toe for signs of abnormal moles or lesions. If you find anything questionable, see your Phoenix dermatologist for a full screening.

If you haven’t had a screening in the past, it may be time to schedule a routine skin cancer check to keep you cancer free. North Mountain Dermatology, your friendly Phoenix dermatologist, offers skin cancer screenings as well as a full menu of cosmetic services to keep your skin healthy and youthful. Schedule your consultation today by calling (602) 944-4628.