Why Do I Get White Spots On My Skin After Sunbathing?

Skin damage from excessive sun exposure typically manifests in the form of moles, freckles, and premature aging. In a worse case scenario, prolonged sun damage can lead to skin cancer. But the effects of overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays affect all skin types differently. Understanding all the signs and symptoms of skin damage is important in order to prevent skin cancer, or to catch it early if it develops.

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For many people, especially with fairer skin, a sunburn is the primary side effect of a day at the beach, or walking around in the sun without sufficient protection. But no one is immune to the negative effects of UV ray exposure, and people with darker skin are also susceptible to sun damage and the risk of skin cancer. The dermatologists at Phoenix, AZ based North Mountain Dermatology advise everyone, regardless of skin tone, to avoid sun exposure between the peak hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and to wear SPF 15 or higher every day, reapplying regularly while at the beach or outdoors for long periods of time.

In addition to sunburns and freckling, many people notice small white spots on the arms and legs, often at the end of a long summer spent outdoors. Like freckles, brown spots, and sunburn, white spots on the skin are the result of photodamage (prolonged exposure to UV radiation). Generic Xanax online http://medicalspecialistsoffairfield.com/xanax/

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Excessive sun exposure can lead to premature aging, pigmentation, and significantly increase the risk of developing melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. Protecting the skin from sun exposure and undergoing routine skin cancer screenings are essential to maintaining healthy, youthful looking skin, and preventing skin cancer. Contact North Mountain Dermatology in Phoenix, AZ by calling (602) 944-4628 to schedule a consultation today.