How to Treat Persistent Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin problems people encounter. While many teens expect acne to be a rite of passage, it can be frustrating when both teens and adults are dealing with acne that just doesn’t seem to be relieved with over-the-counter remedies or acne-fighting products. If this sounds like you, then it might be time to turn to our Phoenix, AZ dermatologists, Dr. Tamela Tripp and Dr. Dave Mudge, for help.

First and foremost, it’s important that our Phoenix skin doctors are able to examine your skin to determine the root cause of your acne. Everything from stress to hormonal fluctuations can leave people susceptible to acne breakouts. Without understanding why your acne is flaring up, you won’t be able to understand your treatment plan. Once we are able to figure out what is causing your acne, can we come up with a viable treatment.

Your Acne Treatment Plan

The severity of your acne is determined by what types of acne lesions are present, whether inflammatory, non-inflammatory, cysts/nodules or a combination of all of these. Those with moderate to severe acne will require more aggressive care, which may include using both antibiotics and topical medications.

Oral antibiotics are used as both an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. If used along with a prescription-strength topical medication that contains an active ingredient like benzoyl peroxide, they will reduce bacteria on the skin that are responsible for acne.

Retinoid medications may also be applied to the skin. Retinoids are great for opening up clogged pores to let the bacteria and trapped debris drain out. Those dealing with hormonal-related acne may benefit from birth control pills. We will be happy to determine which medications are right for you and your skincare needs.

Besides medications that you can take, there are also laser therapies and traditional extractions that can also be performed to target your acne flare-ups. These can be a nice alternative to acne medication.

Don’t let acne affect your appearance. Turn to North Mountain Dermatology in Phoenix, AZ to get the skin care you deserve so that you can finally enjoy clear, beautiful skin.