Treating Your Rash

When it comes to your skin, there is a very broad range of normal. For this reason, diagnosing and treating rashes tends to be tricky. However, your dermatologist at North Mountain Dermatology can help you get to the root cause of your rash and find the best treatment for you. Find out more about treating your rash with Dr. Tamela Tripp in Phoenix, AZ.

What can cause a rash? 
A rash is the inflammation of the skin which causes an abnormal appearance. Rashes can come from many sources, including:

  • food allergy
  • medication allergy
  • contact dermatitis
  • eczema
  • plants
  • heat

Sometimes, rashes can come from underlying conditions or illnesses. While rashes are often nothing to worry about and clear up on their own, you should seek medical attention if you have a rash which covers the whole body, spreads rapidly, is accompanied by a fever, or you are in pain or think your rash is infected.

Diagnosing Rashes
Your dermatologist will use a physical examination to assess your rash visually. In addition to an examination, your doctor will gather your family and medical history, lifestyle choices, day-to-day routine, and other information to help pinpoint the cause of your rash. If your doctor finds that your rash comes from a virus or fungus, you will probably have different treatment than if your rash originated from an allergy or contact dermatitis.

Rash Treatments in Phoenix, AZ 
Treating a rash will depend on your diagnosis and the severity of the rash. In some mild cases, your doctor may suggest an over-the-counter cream to apply the area of the rash or simple lifestyle changes, like using a non-scented laundry soap. If this fails to provide results, your doctor may suggest a prescription cream. In some cases, treating the underlying condition causing the rash is the best treatment to get rid of the rash itself. Your doctor can help you find the best treatment for you and your condition during a skin examination.

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