Could Botox Help Me?

You look at your face and think, ” I look much older than I feel or act.” Or, people say you seem to frown a lot or look tired. Yes, those are the effects of aging, but there is something you can do to refresh your facial appearance. It’s called BOTOX Cosmetic, and Dr. Tamela Tripp of North Mountain Dermatology in Phoenix, AZ uses it to smooth those annoying lines and wrinkles. Easy, comfortable and quick, BOTOX injections make a world of difference in facial appearance.

What is BOTOX Cosmetic?

It’s a purified, pharmaceutical grade form of Botulinum clostridium, a toxin which limits muscular movement. Injected under the skin in targeted areas of the face, BOTOX reduces dynamic wrinkling, or those lines which form from movement of the skin and muscles:

  • Between the eyebrows
  • At the corner’s of the eyes (crow’s feet)
  • Across the forehead
  • Between the nose and mouth
  • Around the lips and at the corners of the mouth

Done in the office in under an hour, these treatments cause no downtime, and discomfort is very minimal. Most patients experience some redness and minor puffiness which quickly resolve.

A patient can readily see the changes in his or her face right away with optimal effects showing in a few days. Results typically last three to six months.

While Dr. Tripp will recommend a care plan just right for your unique skin issues and aesthetic goals, know that BOTOX Cosmetic injections do have to be repeated. In other words, the effects do not last indefinitely. However, as you receive your injections on a regular basis, your lines and wrinkles will be less far less obvious as your muscles continue to relax.

Other uses of BOTOX

Physicians and even dentists use BOTOX injections to treat a wide variety of neuromuscular problems, including:

  • Migraine headaches
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ/TMD)
  • Crossed eyes (strabismus)
  • Uncontrolled blinking
  • Overactive bladder
  • Hyperhidrosis, or excessive perspiration
  • Neck pain

Find out more in Phoenix

You can trust your skin care needs to Dr. Tripp at North Mountain Dermatology in Phoenix, AZ. She is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of medical and aesthetic dermatology. She can help you determine if treatment with BOTOX is right for you. For a personal consultation, call (602) 944-4628.